New is Neo, a new digital asset was pre-launched globally called NeoBitcoin, digitally native, and built on the foundation of blockchain technology. P2P user will be able to SEND, RECEIVE, SPEND, and SAVE their asset, it also enables more inclusive boosting global financial system.

Absolutely…Yes, NeoBitcoin is a new cryptocurrency designed to have a reliable value and be widely accepted around the world.

NeoBitcoin is a cryptocurency and digital assets will be started to be listed in a few global exchanger with exchanger launch price is USD 5 value for 1 NeoBitcoin base on building P2P user trust in its economic boost value.

It is on Pre-Mining now! Anyone can get FREE as bounty coins… which a few of the coming months, the pre-opening highly-skilled experts team will be working to develop and grow the NeoBitcoin cloud network inclusive its platform of the ecosystem.

It is anonymous as others cryptocurrencies that can be used in all countries over the world where the usage of cryptocurrencies is permitted.

Now… User can get FREE Pre-Mining coins in our BOUNTY HUNTING PLATFORM, for next over months will be registered in global crypto exchangers.

Bounty hunters who are willing to become a stakeholder can use their Pre-Mining coins to be participated in Staking Platform, soon… will be launched.

By default, NeoBitcoin holder or Bounty Hunters which can put their coins to Staking Platform and will be rewarded by more-distributed coins as rewards that can be sold partially in listed exchanger.

  • Stacking their coins in the platform.
  • To be participated in the community both as passive nor active stakeholder to create new of the new block producer.

The bounty hunters or stakeholder may use the FREE coins or buy NeoBitcoin in the listed exchanger for staking.

By a click built in, an user friendly link from bounty platform to a newly registered-account in Staking Platform which is the stake holder can create their coin address.

Please wait for the Great News announced.